the happy heart day.

Whether you’re like this:

Or feeling more like this:

I hope you have a happy day and enjoy celebrating all kinds of love.


(if you care to read a little rant…)

For the past couple of weeks, my gym has had a sign up that says something like “Whether as a Valentine’s Gift for your sweetie or a treat for yourself on Single Awareness Day, a massage appointment is the perfect present!”  Then, my roommate and I had a girls Valentine’s Day shindig on Sunday night, and my lovely friend Casey said she had been asked if the party, due to its all-girl nature, was an Anti-Valentine’s one,  complete with the burning of nostalgic/romantic momentos and gloomy black decor. These two instances and all the other V-Day dread seem 1) so dated (heh) to me, 2) negligent of the fact that the day’s not all about romantic love, and 3) kind of insulting. Who has said “Single Awareness Day” since middle school? And who, even if not boyfriended or girlfriended, has no relationships about which they can be happy (if that actually applies to you, I apologize, and you have free reign to be full of angst today)? And even if many single people are grumpy about it, why is it AUTOMATICALLY lumped with angry? Bitter isn’t a good look on anyone– pink is much better.

And when will HRCK the Herald stop pretending she’s Carrie Bradshaw? Right now.

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9 thoughts on “the happy heart day.

  1. we all get into Carrie Bradshaw-like analysis from time to time…just glad that you are more like Charlotte, the eternal optimist, than Miranda, the cynic. And when am I going to stop thinking that SATC has practial applications to every situation in my daily life? Probably never. xoxo happy valentines H!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, woo! When you told me I was mentioned in your post you had me worried for a minute. I do like any excuse to wear red jeans…

    • Clarification: you had me worried bc it was the valentines post, and we have oft disagreed on displays of love because I’m a cremudgen.

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