the lost and found love.

Few things are more heartbreakingly hopeful to me than the Missed Connections sections of newspapers. I remember the first time I came across the pages in a local paper, and even though I hadn’t struggled my way through Statistics yet, I knew the odds of the intended person reading the postings on the particular day, recognizing himself/herself as the one described based on the strength of a mutually remembered nod or jostle on the subway, and making the moves to encourage a romantic connection were, as best, minute. Still, while the probability of a positive outcome seemed depressingly low, the optimism and the belief in the “what if” makes them so sweetly endearing to me.

Brooklyn-based illustrator Sophie Blackwell feels the same. Formerly a children’s book illustrator, Blackwell now blogs (and recently published a book) with her drawings of the Craigslist Missed Connections. It’s a neat hybrid of media forms (old media in the form of the drawings, new in the social media aspect), and her pictures brings such charm and humanity to these shots in the dark. Take a look.


Like them? Read the Missed Connections blog here, buy Sophie Blackwell’s book here,  or buy a print you like on Etsy here.


6 thoughts on “the lost and found love.

  1. TV production company I worked at did a treatment called “Missed Connections” on couples who had met this way. a) couldn’t find enough people and b) they were kind of boring. Sometimes the miss is a better story than the connection, I guess?

  2. This makes me think of going to the animal shelter with Henry to donate things and he wanted to bring home some sweet kitty that caught his eye and tugged at his heart ! Was that a missed connection ?

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