the in and out inspiration.

Things at work this week are absolutely bonkers, but I’m feeling blogger’s guilt, so here, a quote post. Hope something speaks to you. 🙂

And perhaps my favorite of this round-up:

Be back soon!



12 thoughts on “the in and out inspiration.

      • Henry’s advice after hearing Oprah’s comment : don’t hang around with robbers when you have money ( and if you have a box, put the money in the box and close it and mix up the numbers )

  1. I’m printing these up t take to our WAGS event today. See if you can come up with something better than “Wining and Dining Symposium” for a group I am assembling for a monthly lunch at the Country Club.

    • Agree. I copied out all of them for discussion but then we could never decide which to start on. So maybe, in fact, just one a day so we are not paralyzed by indecision.

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