happy weekend!

Holy smokes, what a week. I haven’t been this ready for a weekend in a long time (and as I’m sure you’ve all been on pins and needles, I’m happy to let you know that the work events went smoothly).

The two days off are being even more sweetened by the fact that one of my very best friends came into town last night. We see each other far too infrequently, and I’m so excited she’s here!

Here’s a picture of us the last time we hung out.

We wear matching dresses and love the loose waves look and have extremely exposed collar bones.

And sometimes we sit in cafes, read poetry aloud to one another, and cast judgmental glances at passerbys. In beige color palettes.

Nah, this is one is the most like us. But I don’t have gray streaks in my hair just yet.

Hope you all have happy weekends! Back to the old schedule next week.


2 thoughts on “happy weekend!

  1. Wish you were here for the festivities – roller skating and baby shower. Now that would be a funny combination – too bad they are on different days! Have fun!

  2. Let’s not discount picture 2…being judgy and drinking coffee sounds pretty good 🙂 I hope y’all have such a wonderful weekend! And I reeeeeeally hope you decide it’d be even more fun in Charlotte, NC!

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