the city escape.

For the most part, I believe in moderation (exceptions include icing on a cupcake– the more the better, exercise– give me something high intensity or I’d rather not put on workout clothes). Given this middle of the road approach, I know that the life pictured on the blog below is not for me. I’m not one of those (practically omnipresent these days) people who wants to have a vegetable garden and feel the soil between his/her toes. I feel no compunction to have a herd of various animals. I mean, Whole Foods is one of my happy places. Still, I’m not a confirmed city person either– the traffic and honking horns and sprawl exhaust me. I’ve never looked at a skyline at night and thought, “That’s beautiful,” though I know many people have and do. My lovely friend Erin sent me this little poem a few weeks ago, and while I feel melodramatic saying I identify, it does sum up the feeling on the drearier days.

In a Station of the Metro

The apparition of these faces in the crowd;

Petals on a wet, black bough.

On those days, teleporting somewhere like the places on Cabin Porn sounds phenomenal. The site collects pictures of secluded rustic homes all around the world. Take a look!

Most of the photos have captions. The one for the picture above is “The farmer ‘next door’ supplies us with fresh milk, eggs, cottage cheese, butter, hams, strawberries, chanterelles, blueberries, green onions… His daughter bakes cakes on Saturdays. If we’re around, she bakes one extra for us.”

Country life sounds nice. Maybe I could give up the close proximity to Target…



9 thoughts on “the city escape.

  1. Funny, those cabins look a lot like the little cafe where they had goats’ milk instead of a coke for you all those years ago – you were not very happy then.
    Made me think of Cold Mountain where the Nicole Kidman and Renee Zwelliger characters somehow got through a snowy winter alive in a cabin like that. I think you should spend winter in the city but they do look fun for summer.

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