the animals you should know.

I often feel like I live under a rock. I happen upon most cultural memes late in the game. If you ask me if I’ve seen some video sensation on YouTube, the answer is probably no.

Because of this general uncoolness, I am shocked whenever I stumble upon someone who hasn’t seen something I have. For example, I thought I was the last human on earth not to see the Kristen Bell sloth video. This past weekend, however, I was at a party and it turned out that number of people hadn’t seen her adorable and hilarious meltdown on Ellen. If you haven’t seen it either, click that link.

I wasn’t going to post these next two things because I was sure that everyone and his/her mother had seen them eleven years ago, but in case the sloth video was demonstrative of the spotty nature of internet phenom dispersal, I give you two very funny sites.

Exhibit 1: Dogs Underwater. Photographer Seth Casteel takes photographs of dogs diving underwater. Fido looks a little frightening.


Exhibit 2: This one makes me laugh out loud. Again, I feel like everyone’s seen it, but juuuust in case, T Rex Trying. Poor guy, he just wasn’t made for a normal life.


Hope this post wasn’t terribly redundant for you!

(Images, Images)


2 thoughts on “the animals you should know.

  1. Your mother went all the way to Costa Rica to see a sloth. Seems we could have saved her the journey and had one here instead of Maddie or Oreo.

  2. I know it’s gone too far when I have empathy for T-rex. The auction one tugged just enough at my heart strings in order for me to realize that maybe I should see someone about this.

    (also, my fave one of those is: “T-rex hates chaturanga”…obviously)

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