the paintings in your closet.

Every morning in high school, after dragging myself out of bed at 6:20, I would slowly trudge to my dressing room and promptly collapse down on the carpet to stare blearily at my clothes, hoping some creative outfit inspiration would strike. These days, 6:20 counts as sleeping in, and I don’t put as much thought into my clothes as I probably should. Both then and now, I could probably get a bit of inspiration from Thread and Canvas.  The site takes famous paintings and comes up with sartorial getups that echo the aesthetic. Here are a couple of my favorite paintings in clothes form. 

The blogger also puts from where each piece of clothing comes, so if you’ve just got to have that Degas skirt, she can hook ya up.



7 thoughts on “the paintings in your closet.

  1. Love this, of course! One of my favorite bloggers has a fashion challenge sort of like this – you send in a picture of whatever inspired the colors in your outfit – but it could be from a flower, an ad, whatever. This definitely makes me consider paintings in a new light!

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