the pop’s pictures.

These are adorable. Wedding photographer Jason Lee decided to turn the camera from the brides and grooms to his two daughters, and apparently the girls aren’t quite old enough yet to refuse all parental requests.  The photos are creative, the girls are so cute (and compliant!), and I’m a sucker for sweet Dad/Daughter stuff.

Hope the girls are getting a few extra bucks in their weekly allowance for being such ready models.



the redemption.

I haven’t been posting much because I haven’t been that in love with anything I’ve come across on the internet recently. That changed about two minutes ago.

I have become more sentimental over the past few years, but I like to think the fact that I didn’t cry over a movie or book or song or poem or whatever until I was in college means I have some sort of emotional bar. Right now, however, I’m struggling to keep from crying happy tears. If you haven’t seen this yet, PLEASE go watch Caine’s Arcade. I rarely watch/suggest online videos because I find them very tedious to sit through, but this one is worth it. Your heart will swell.


happy weekend!

The weekend is here! I’m heading into a busy one. A couple of birthdays, some sake (help me), a little St. Patrick’s Day revelry, and then the grand finale on Sunday with a visit from one of my very best friends.

Which photo is of us?

See ya next week!



the lost and found love.

Few things are more heartbreakingly hopeful to me than the Missed Connections sections of newspapers. I remember the first time I came across the pages in a local paper, and even though I hadn’t struggled my way through Statistics yet, I knew the odds of the intended person reading the postings on the particular day, recognizing himself/herself as the one described based on the strength of a mutually remembered nod or jostle on the subway, and making the moves to encourage a romantic connection were, as best, minute. Still, while the probability of a positive outcome seemed depressingly low, the optimism and the belief in the “what if” makes them so sweetly endearing to me.

Brooklyn-based illustrator Sophie Blackwell feels the same. Formerly a children’s book illustrator, Blackwell now blogs (and recently published a book) with her drawings of the Craigslist Missed Connections. It’s a neat hybrid of media forms (old media in the form of the drawings, new in the social media aspect), and her pictures brings such charm and humanity to these shots in the dark. Take a look.


Like them? Read the Missed Connections blog here, buy Sophie Blackwell’s book here,  or buy a print you like on Etsy here.


the crush.

I am ADORING Mindy Kaling. I read her Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me a couple weeks ago, and I don’t know the last time I laughed so hard on the elliptical/train/plane.

The book has been compared to Tina Fey’s Bossypants, and while they are similar (AND while I enjoyed Fey’s), I personally preferred Mindy’s memoir by a mile. It’s self-aware, hilarious, insightful, and (cheese alert) inspirational to see someone going after her dream. Here are some snippets  from the book that I loved:

On hypochondriac friends: “In the unlikely event that you do get sick, you do not have to give everyone a play-by-play, as though none of us has ever been sick before, or as though there were some suspense in the story of your cold, with twists and turns (‘I woke up this morning feeling pretty good, only to take a turn for the worse after lunch!’) I know this story. You get better. It works out.” Amen, Mindy.

On using girly manipulation at a photo shoot.  After a pushy and insensitive stylist brought tiny dresses to the set and made Mindy feel bad for not fitting into them, she decided to choose to be strapped into the most expensive, elaborate pink gown. The stylist suggested she pick something more muted (and presumably less expensive to stretch and strap). With no recourse other than to play the card, Mindy proclaimed, “I don’t feel comfortable”: “When I played the ‘I don’t feel comfortable’ card, he knew it was over. ‘I don’t feel comfortable’ is the classic manipulative girl get-my-way line. It’s right up there with ‘I don’t feel entirely safe.'” So true!

On her good friend Jocelyn: “Jocelyn is willowy and half-Asian, and while fitting the bill technically for a model, has no interest in modeling. She’s just that cool. Me, on the other hand, whenever I lose, like five pounds, I basically start considering if I should ‘try out’ modeling. When the three of us walked down the street together, I looked like the Indian girl who kept them ‘real.'” Hah. Mindy is very open about her huge ego.

On being peer-pressured into knitting gifts for her parents with her clique of middle school friends: “Who was I knitting stuff for? If I gave my mother a knitted scarf she’d be worried I was wasting my time doing stupid stuff like knitting instead of school work. Presenting a homemade knitted object to my parents was actually like handing them a detailed backlog of my idleness.” Feel the same.

This photo of Mindy at age 5 has been around the blog world, and her caption for it is “People think I’m exaggerating when I say that I was a happy child who you could not tell was male or female.” I mean…she’s got a point.

Anyway, I was truly sorry when I finished her book, and so I was truly elated to find that she writes with some consistency on The Concerns of Mindy Kaling. It’s a spiffy spinoff of her previous blog, Things I’ve Bought, where she posted product reviews during dead times in the writing studio for The Office. Read The Concerns of Mindy Kaling if you haven’t yet read her book and want to test the waters a bit more, or if you’ve finished it and just.want.more.Mindy.

(Image via The Concerns of Mindy Kaling)