happy weekend!

Hope you all have happy Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.

And here’s my favorite quote from the past while.


See ya next week!



happy weekend!

What a week! It’s been chock full of fun things, but I am ready for a bit of break this weekend. One thing I’m looking forward to is getting in the kitchen– my roommate and I are having a Valentine’s Party, and I have had the best time coming up with a dessert list. I wish I could pull out something as cool as this

but I think that’s beyond my culinary capabilities.

Hope you have fun/not frigid weekends wherever you are!

(Image and instructions)

the HRCK changes.

If I had had any Australian money on me when I saw this tip bowl last summer, I should have handed over every cent. I do not thrive on or enjoy change. But the time has come for bravery, and as this following quotation says, 

HRCK the Herald isn’t going to miss out on the essence of life, so it’s time for it to surrender what it is for what it could become.

Instead of a whole new blog every day, I’m going to start featuring specific blog posts from around the web that I think are particularly cool/noteworthy/interesting/worth seeing, like I did with the DIY Snow Machine, or with All I Wanted Was A Doughnut, or with the Worst Christmas Song Ever.

If you’ve got any other suggestions for ways in which HRCK the Herald should embrace change, let me hear it in the comments!

the new year’s eve.

Happy New Year’s Eve!

My plans for tonight don’t require anything with sparkle, but if they did, I’d be pretty excited to wear all of these. I hope you all have evenings you’re excited about, and see ya in 2012! And a very sincere thank you for reading along with me. 🙂

(Images via This Is Glamorous and Pinterest)