happy weekend!

I have been looking forward to this weekend for WEEKS. I am so excited to go home tonight for Easter.

Things that I will NOT be doing to celebrate include making many of the weird Easter creations I’ve seen on Pinterest.

Who wants to hack off a chunk of a bunny’s backside for dessert? I guess it’s a cute pudgy little image, but I don’t want to eat that.

Similarly, I don’t want to be forced to make a comparison between some creamy dip and the stomach contents of an animal like this: And this yolky cupcake-stuffed-into-eggshell isn’t in any way appealing at all.

I’ll be sticking to the classics this year

Happy Easter, and happy weekend!



happy weekend!

Another Friday rolls around…hooray! This week’s warm weather got me so amped for spring.

Cannot wait.

Tonight, however, I’ve got to figure out how to make myself look something like this:

So far I have a dress. And heels, I have heels. Not quite enough to transport me to another decade/another continent. We’ll see what I can do. It could be a very loose interpretation.

Have a great weekend, and see ya back next week!


happy weekend!

I am SO excited for this weekend! There’s a lot of good stuff going on, but what I am most excited about is a murder mystery dinner party that one of my dear friends has planned for her birthday. I have been dying to do one of these things since one of my sisters did one over 15 years ago. It’s been a long time to wait my turn. I can’t wait to dress up and do my Nancy Drewing.

And look like this, duh.

Hope you have great weekends, and see you next week!


happy weekend!

Ah, weekend. This one is going to be packed rather than restful, but it’s mostly all good, fun things. The biggest life change that’s happening is moving to a new house, and while that task normally seems herculean and very, very high on my list of things that cause great dread, this move is remarkably low on logistical hassle. The biggest task will be transforming my new room into something like this:

I’m not good at defining my preferred aesthetic for most interior spaces, but I do know that I adore white bedding and I believe I can attribute that affection to this scene:

Still one of my all-time favorite movies (weird what’s happened to those two since this was shot. How life changes.).

Hope you all have whatever kind of weekends you wish!

(via Pinterest and Fanpop)