the redemption.

I haven’t been posting much because I haven’t been that in love with anything I’ve come across on the internet recently. That changed about two minutes ago.

I have become more sentimental over the past few years, but I like to think the fact that I didn’t cry over a movie or book or song or poem or whatever until I was in college means I have some sort of emotional bar. Right now, however, I’m struggling to keep from crying happy tears. If you haven’t seen this yet, PLEASE go watch Caine’s Arcade. I rarely watch/suggest online videos because I find them very tedious to sit through, but this one is worth it. Your heart will swell.



8 thoughts on “the redemption.

  1. What a cute litle fellow. Did you see how he had to duck when the cash register opened ?! I think this will be set up on Westside Drive soon !

  2. Unlike your heart of stone (ha), I’ve been crying at things looooong before college and videos like this one keep that tendency alive and well. SO precious.

  3. And shows how life can change with one happy turn of fate – in this case the arrival of that one fellow who happened to be a film maker.

  4. Whaaa! I’m already the kind of person who even cries watching Disney movies, so I might just have wasted all my year’s worth of tears on this video! AMAZING!

  5. There is something enchanting about 9 year old boys. They have single-minded passions as well as the ability to explore them and create something wonderful. Bravo, Caine!

  6. Thanks for sending that our way. Peter and I watched Caines Arcade.He said “Don,t tell Heather that I cried.” It was touching.

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